We’ve all been struck really hard by COVID-19. For the last 6 weeks, ‘travelling’ has been making a trip from the bedroom to the kitchen, the ‘bucket list’ has been transformed to the necessary shopping list, and ‘wanderlust’ has just been roaming around the surrounding neighbourhood for the 100th time. Covid-19 Travel Updates and Safe Tours in Small group.

Things were beginning to look a little gloomy to those of us seeking adventure, but then came the news that we’ll be able to fly home again at the end of July, and we couldn’t be happier to get back on track! Covid-19 Travel Updates and Safe Tours in Small group

The biggest changes we have made;

  • We have adapted our cancellation policy in light of restrictions
  • We have implemented strict health and safety measures on our tours
  • You can now book & travel with confidence with our Small Group Tours
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How do I request a cancellation? You can now request a cancellation via email at info@mytoursireland.com

Will Irish Experience Tours run tours in 2021?

We understand that every countries travel restrictions are varied but we are still cautiously optimistic to run tours from late August to the end of 2021.

Irish government Travel advises for 2021:

The Irish Government have started to progressively raise the controls within their respective countries due to the increase in the number of incidents. The result of these restrictions is showing positive growth. The new COVID case numbers are reduced from 8000 per day to 650 per day (1 Jan 2021 to 17 Feb 2021). Each extent of constraints imposed by governments shall be reviewed, measured and revised periodically. Though several countries around the world are planning to send Coronavirus vaccines to their residents as of mid-December 2020, a definitive timeline—regarding how soon we will return to ‘normal’—remains to be seen. We’re going to do our best to keep you up to date. While some hotels, in Ireland, were reopened in December, most of them can only facilitate non-social and non-tourist purposes. Covid-19 Travel Updates and Safe Tours in Small group

The country still currently have a time of self-isolation required for most travellers to enter. As yet, there has been no clarity as to the timetable for how long this provision would last. We keep a close watch on this very important aspect, which is a vital step before we can start running tours again.

Read more information about the Irish government Travel advise for 2021


If you’re already here in Ireland or you’re hoping to get here later in the year and itching to explore, please feel free to contact us, so we can give you full details on tours, dates and prices.

We’ll be making sure we are doing it safely of course, and thoroughly complying with government regulations.

Super Safe Small Group Tours Ireland

Choose one of our pre-built sample itineraries tours or design your own tours departing from Shannon, or create a custom itinerary to fit your travel needs.

We generally do not visit enclosed places where large numbers of people are gathered. We prefer to get in earlier in the morning or later in the evening. We will also be now using 6 seat vehicles rather than the usual 16 seats.

Because we only operate small tours with limited numbers, we will be able to incorporate regular cleaning and sanitizing into our daily routine. See below.


Above all, Tours are committed to the health and safety of our guests.

We will ensure that we adhere strictly to government guidelines for tourism operators to minimise risk to our travellers, staff and operators.

What this will mean:

  • We will be doing everything we can to reduce the risk of transmission and we will be playing it safe.
  • We will be using our luxury vehicle for a maximum of 6 people
  • Travellers will be required to sign a declaration of health prior to beginning the tour
  • Handrails and surfaces inside the vehicle will be wiped down daily
  • The disinfectant will be used on the air conditioning filters in the vehicle daily
  • Hand sanitiser will be available on the vehicle


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